Quotes I began seeing Jane 6 years ago while I was planning my wedding. I was extremely anxious and needed help working through it. I had been in therapy before, but felt that it wasn't helpful. It turns out that I had not seen the right therapist. Through working with Jane, I learned so much about myself, and in turn, was able to deal with issues that existed but were not previously identified. Jane offers a different perspective and "sets me straight" in a warm, supportive way. Working with her has been a true gift. Quotes

Quotes I have been a Mental Health provider for about13 years. My experience with my co-workers has been mixed. There are really great providers, and then there are ones that I wish that I could warn the family against. I was very hesitant when I first suspected that my child needed therapy. However, after many disturbing incidents both at home and at school, I could deny the need for therapy. I began a search that proved to be not only discouraging but also exhausting. I came across a therpistnet.com site and found Jane's profile. I was impressed with her years of experience and exposure to an array of conditions. I wrote her a very detailed email of my concerns, basically pleading for assistance/guidance. She called me the very next day. She was sick and still offered some much needed comfort and we scheduled to meet the following week. I have never looked back. She has been such a blessing to my family. Jane Bisco is amazing. You can reach me @ [email protected] Nadia Quotes
Nowhere To Turn

Quotes I had a true depressive episode when my best friend died at the age of 40. Jane gave me the tools to handle my grief and believe in myself again. She is honest, caring, and has great common sense!!! Quotes

Quotes I had never been a believer in the "Mental Health" profession as I thought people should be able to handle issues and "Help" themselves........ That was before I hit "bottom" and forced myself to reach out and set up an appointment with Jane. She carefully "broke down my Walls" and gently, expertly, and professionally helped me to understand, to accept, and to begin to work through my issues which has gotten me into a "Better Place" in my mind & life. It seemed as if I was just talking to a friend and yet I know that it was her skill that allowed me to feel that way and to find my path to improvement. I honestly don't know where I would be right now or if I would even still be alive if I hadn't started talking and getting through my troubles with Jane. I have a newly found admiration for the mental health profession and what it can accomplish.......especially what Jane can accomplish. I highly recommend her if you need to talk with someone to help you help yourself! THANKS Jane Quotes

Quotes I met Jane over nine years ago after being admitted to a psychiatric ward for three days. I was suffering from depression and anxiety after a move back to the area after living away for six years. In the beginning Jane worked with me on very simple things like getting up, get dressed, and going for a walk. Even to come out of my basement office for 1/2 hour during daylight. I wasn?t a very fast learner. With her encouragement and kindness (gentle but firm), I slowly started my way back to having a life and being a person. Having someone who understands, ADHD, addiction, depression and abuse was a blessing. Jane encouraged me to find a job that I liked, go back to college and earn my degree (not bad for a 50 something Grandma) which I did! I?ve learned to have my own voice in matters of saying what needs to be said in uncomfortable situations. I would recommend Jane to anyone looking to find out who they are and figuring out why they aren?t accomplishing what they want to. Quotes

Quotes Through many years in therapy I became very skeptical of the profession. Through many years with Jane Bisco I became a believer. She transformed my image of therapist and guided me professionally and thoughtfully through tough times in my life. I have seen quite a number of therapist in my life and never found comfort or any sense of healing through them. It was not until meeting with Jane that I realized I could find the strength to deal with my issues. She helped me back on my feet and gave me the tools I needed to live my life to the fullest without carrying all my baggage. Finding Jane and working with her was an unexpected blessing. Just when I lost faith in the mental health profession, she came along and gave me hope and courage. I can finally live my life again. Quotes

Quotes I have been seeing Ms. Bisco for about just under 10 years now off and on of course by my own choice i was young .. im now 27.her advice and honesty has been more than helpful. i find that advice that was given to me years ago i still use to help me through these days now.and now me being a more willing participant in therapy i find that i get so much more out of her therapy than ever before... i had alot of issue with therapists due to the fact of there OVER professional manner... i like someone who can be honest with me yet gentle.. who treats me like a client as well as a person... ive never felt uncomfortable with ms bisco to tell her anything... I feel that she has helped me get through the hardest times in my life from drugs to family deaths to my own inner demons. today i feel like im not perfect but im sure moving forward and making the right decisions for a change..Im a difficult person to deal with and she knows just how to deal with me ..working with her is a true blessing Quotes
Ms. Jane Bisco
Its Been a Long Time and Every Moment has helped